Sunday, 16 August 2009


Last week I was in Malta on holiday with my family. It was extremely hot, it was 36C at half 8 in the morning and then at the heat of the day it was 40C.

The bus in Malta were really interesting because they were old bus from britain, this was because malta used to be a british colony. The amazing thing was how they managed to still work. One of the bus that we travelled in the clutch did not sound as if we were going to get back to the hotel but it was an experince that i won't forget soon and the buses were extremly hot so we always tried to sit on the side that the sun was not on, or by a window to get the draft. All the cars in malta drove really fast it was an interesting.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


I'm no good doing blogs because I forget about it, and then remember about many months later ooppies lol.

But anyhoo I've taken a far few pics over the last few months well actually it been about two months. Most weekend I go on walks with my parents. My camera comes on these walks with me of course. I may not have mentioned before that I want to go in to wildlife and nature photographer when I leave university. My dream is to become a wildlife photograph in kenya =D